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Three Factors to Consider while Selecting Music Production Headphones for Studio

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There are various factors to consider before purchasing the best studio headphones. This article focuses on open-back vs. closes-back headphones, quality of sound, comfort and your budget as the main factors.

I know you will find it resourceful if you are looking for recording headphones.

Open-Back vs. Closed-Back Headphones

choosing headphonesYou will agree with me that the drive of some headphones face in while others face out. Closed-back headphones like the Sony MDR-7506s and ATH-M50x have their enclosed driver facing inwards.

These models are typically less expensive and exquisite starter headphones for studio recordings. Since everything is enclosed, you’ll have little traditional acoustic interaction and the lower section allows the bass to develop.

Some of these models can assure you of high production quality.

On the contrary, we refer to those earphones that have drivers facing outwards as open-back headphones. Headphone drivers that face outwards allow some sound to escape thus producing a more natural sound and enhance bass response.

They are relatively expensive and most sound engineers prefer to use them for mixing. The reason is that they have an excellent bass response and allow your ears to breathe which is magnificent for extended mixing sessions.

However, this model is not the best when it comes to tracking as they always bleed some sound which comes through while recording.

How do the Headphones Sound to You?

One thing you will agree with me is that all of us have different sets of ears. The way I perceive sound is very different from the way you will look at the same music.

You need to test several pairs of earphones before you determine the best studio headphones for your use. Sound perception is an imperative aspect that no user should take for granted.

Listen to the effect of the headphone towards your music. They may not generate a flat frequency response such as that of studio monitor speakers.


You need to ask yourself how long you can wear those headphones at a time. Any serious musician should not be in a hurry while working on his music. You will be in trouble if you cannot put on your headphones for a long time.

I came across a young man who used game playing headphones that hurt his head over a long period of use. Make sure you get yourself a very comfortable pair of studio headphones.


It is very difficult to come across a musician who has everything he wants for his use. There is a tendency of wanting more as an artist. As a musician, you will find yourself allocating a huge proportion of your finances to equipment.

There is a special phrase used to define this condition and is referred to as “GearSlut.”  As I always say, you will get what you pay for. I’d rather you pay more but get high quality music instruments.

Cheap equipment may be very costly in the long run. If you are facing a lot of budget constraints, you can hire you’re the instrument in the short run as you wait to get enough finances.