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Singing Equipment: How to Choose the Best Public Address System for Singers

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The main function of a public address system is to project a singer’s sound to the target audience of varying distribution and size. This singing equipment has various components that ensure that your audience receives the best voice.

The main difference between large and small PA system is that large ones have a different layout and additional components.

The main components of a public address system include the speakers, amplifier, and microphone. The number of each component depends on the number of singers and size of the audience.

You may also include other singing equipment such as effects processing units, mixing consoles, or audio mixers, and stage monitors during live stage performance. You also need other accessories like voice cables to connect the public address system.

Make sure to watch the video at the beginning of this post to kind of get familiar to how one can setup and PA system.

Singers rely on the public address system more than any other musician. This is because natural singer’s voice cannot be equated to other equipment like drums or electric guitars. A singer needs a lot of support to project and amplify his voice.

As you mix your vocals with multiple instruments, you need to be very careful about mixing and balancing various tones and volumes to become relevant. You should choose the public address according to its ability to reproduce the sound frequency.

Here are some of the things you need to consider while selecting a public address system for singing.

The Functionality and Performance of the PA system

You need a PA system that will handle your vocals perfectly well. It’s good to pay a lot of attention to the functionality and performance of your PA. You don’t need a complex PA system if you only need vocal amplification and projection.

However, other music equipment like drums produces a wider range of sound frequencies and call for more intricate PA systems.

It’s advisable to pay more attention to performance and quality and not functional complexity. You can visit various music forums and online reviews to find recommendations on various models before making your purchase.

More information on this can be extracted here.


A good public address system should not only be practical but also fit for its purpose. There is no need to purchase a very big system that is not applicable in your case.

You may experience several transportation challenges for no good reason. You can make your system more portable by purchasing smaller but highly effective speakers.

Purchasing a public address system is expensive, and you need to do some research beforehand. You should purchase your music equipment from brands that have a market reputation because this determines how your audience perceives you.

It’s better to pay a little bit more but end up getting high-quality singing equipment. You can decide to purchase some components separately if this reduces the cost. However, you need to look for a music equipment supplier who has solid ratings and feedback.


The main components of a public address system include microphones, audio mixers, amplifiers and loud speakers. We have three main types of microphones namely the ribbon, dynamic, and condenser.

You choose the microphone depending on the kind of performance. You can also use the digital or analog audio mixer. You should make sure that your amplifiers are compatible with the speakers or else they will damage them.

Speakers come in a wide range including tweeters, mid-range speakers, and tutors. You need to seek professional advice on all these music equipment before spending on them.

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