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A Review of the Best Surround Sound Gaming Headphones

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headphoneYou could be among those people who love action movies and gaming. You cannot enjoy this adventure unless you keep your family members awake into the middle of the night.

The best solution is to pick a pair of headphones that has surround sound if you want to immerse yourself fully into the experience you crave. You can click this link to learn about headphones and other sound qualities.

Several companies manufacture high-class wireless surround headphones for listeners who value audiophile. In this article, we present a list of some of these devices that will assure you a superb listening experience.

Sennheiser RS 130 Surround Sound Headphones

These are wireless headphones that give approximately 22-hour battery life upon a single charge. They possess a hi-fi sound quality with SRS surround sound mode.

The headphones also have an excellent frequency response that ranges from 18 HZ to 21 HZ. Their transmission range extends up to 150 meters, and this allows you to move all around the house without missing a single tune.

You can wear these headphones for several hours because of their comfort and lightweight. You can immerse yourself into your gameplay without any distractions. It is one of the best wireless headphones that are rechargeable.

You can listen to this video if you wish to learn how to turn your headset into a surround sound gaming headphone:

Sony MDR-DS3000

This is an impressive interference-free set of wireless surround sound earphones that deliver an excellent listening experience. The headphones have an analogue input for all stereo sources and an optical digital input. It is a light-weight headphone set that comfortably sits on your ears for a long time.

The headphones can transmit comfortably over a foot range of 23. They can also transmit through walls that have little or no static. The headphones have an amazing sound quality even when there are adjoining walls between you and the source of your music.

Pioneer SE-DIR800C

This was the first wireless surround headphone brand that outshined the first two headphones listed discussed above. It is a clear crisp and clear headphone that has all the sound qualities that comes with the Sony brand. However, the brand has a deeper base and more volume.

The model also comes with an inbuilt Dolby processing that guarantees an excellent sound effect in your headphone. The headphones have only 8 OZ and their adjustable headband immerses you into the world of music without even realizing that you are putting them on.

The charger base has several controls that allow you to select your preferred listening mode together with its Dolby headphone option. Some of the selections include DTS, Dolby Pro Logic 11, and Dolby digital.

These features will make you appreciate each single minute of your favorite movies and games without causing any disturbance to your family members.

From this article, you will discover that we are in the age of high-quality surround sound headsets. This is not an exhaustive list since you can still find other brands in the market.

They are applicable when you want to spend a sleepless night without being a nuisance.  They are relatively expensive but deliver what they promise.