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The Most Popular Types of Music

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types of musicOne thing you would probably begin by asking me is a precise definition of music. In my opinion, music could be a melody of words, a vent for the angry, a sight that the artist paints for the blind, a deliverance plea, or something that brings happiness to the soul.

Music has thousands of meanings, and you can still define it as the expression of life or find more definitions on this site. However, it is quite hard to explain the manner in which music touches the human heart.

The primary intention of music is reaching out and communicating a message that is not easy to understand. Music has evolved in composition and styles over the ages which have resulted in different forms and styles.

More styles of music came up with the evolution of civilians and left marks in the human history. It’s difficult to describe all types of music but here are some common ones.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a musical style that entails shaking your leg to the incredible rhythmic vocal. It traces its origin in the 1970’s and has a lot of influence from the Jamaicans and the American culture.

This funk music style is prevalent in teenagers because of its simple rhythm and style. The main feature with of this style of music is that it lacks any historical tradition involvement.

Hip hop is a contemporary style that is not only chic but also modern. The video below presents a good example of a hip hop performance.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music makes use of instrumentation in creating the desired beat and rhythm whether it is opera, jazz, or classic music. The main feature that differentiates this type of music from the rest is that it has no lyrics or vocals. However, several individuals enjoy this kind of music.

The music uses the trumpet sound, violin chords, guitar strings and drum beats among other musical instruments. Some examples of the famous instrumental musicians include John Adams, Richard Amos, and Gary Gable among others.


This is a popular music genre that makes proper use of the tradition of its composition. There are several styles of classical musicians which include Romantic, Opera, Chamber music, and Baroque. The remarkable performance in this category is the Indian classical music.

It originates from the Vedas and brines in the seven notes to generate different ragas. Examples of legendary classical performers include Kishori Amonkar, Amir Khan, Begam Akhtar, and Bade Ghulam Ali Khan just to name a few.

Trance Music

Trance musicians make use of the electronic media in creating melodies. The music traces its origin in the 1990’s. These sweet musical notes have the ability to take the audience to an emotional high. It can uplift your mood and offer you an out of the world experience as you continue listening.

Goa trance is a perfect example of this music genre that traces its origin in the 1980’s.  This kind of music has a hippie icon culture. One of the most famous trance players who have global recognition is Tiesto.

Latin Music

The Sumptuous Latin notes gets the whole world grooving on its feet.  The plucking of strings, mandolin, rhythm and beats are just incredible.

Some of the dances that evolved to enjoy this style of music include the Mambo, Salsa, and Cha, Cha, Cha. This is one of those music styles that bring the world alive.