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What Kids Karaoke Machine is Best for your Needs?

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The world of kids karaoke machines is inhabited by many dozens of different machines, they have a myriad of individual features and designs. Nearly every cartoon or movie that kids like has, or seems to have, at least three different karaoke machines for kids available in that theme.

In some of the more popular themes like Hello Kitty there are actually five different machines available but the theme of the machine probably shouldn’t be considered by the parents when purchasing a machine.

Undoubtedly the child, or children, will definitely have a say in which theme is chosen and you can actually buy machines that are neutral, neither being themed towards boys, which can be any color except pink or towards girls which are always pink.

What the parents should be looking for in a karaoke machine for kids are features and durability. Most of the experts seem to agree that the three things parents should look at first are portability, durability and ease-of-use.

The next thing they usually should look at is smart device compatibility, if you can connect your smart phone or tablet to the machine then you can download a lot more material straight to the machine.

The other main features of nearly all karaoke machines for children seem to be optional extras and finding one that carries most of them seems to be almost impossible.

kids karaokeThe main ones are that it has a built-in screen, it can connect to your TV, it has good quality microphone and good quality speakers, does it come with disco lights, does it have a headphone input and recording option, can it be operated by both batteries and AC power and finally of course, price.

Price is of course a huge consideration because the more features the machine has the more expensive it will be. Looking over product sold by some retail stores and with very few features seem to start at around $20 going right up to top of the range models that come in around $250.

Admittedly a $250 karaoke machine can do just about everything including sing the song for the child, or actually sing along with the child. Most parents will settle for what is basically a good karaoke machine for around the $100 mark. These machines possess the vital components towards having a good karaoke machine.

The minimal components of such karaoke machines is first and foremost durability and portability. Kids are rough on toys so the device needs to be able to take a knock and also needs to be able to be moved around by a small child reasonably easily.

Ease of use is vital, the smaller the children are, one button operation is ideal for children under eight and a lot of these machines have gone that route.

The next most vital component according to a lot of parents/reviewers was that the machine could run on batteries if required, this is not really surprising if you think about it as kids generally are not allowed to play with electrical cables.

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