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How to Sing Vibrato

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Most people wish to sing the vibrato but lack the basic skills on how to achieve the goal. This article provides you with a guide on how to sing a vibrato.

 Sing a Comfortable note

You need to sing a note that you can comfortably sing. You can try a tone that is the middle key of your vocal range. Some people can sing vibrato very well by maintaining a higher note range. The challenge is that this can force extra air into your vocal cords. It’s better to sing a note that you are comfortable.

Avoid any form of Overkill

You should avoid overdoing things just because you want to produce a vibrato. You cannot achieve your goals by not singing correctly. Straining can only succeed in jeopardizing your voice. The best note occurs naturally from constant practice.

Open the back Part of Your Throat

vbradoThe best way to open the back of your mouth is by mimicking a yawning action. You need to have this feeling inside your mouth while you are singing. You should soften the jaw and raise your soft palate.

Align your tongue on the bottom of your mouth to make sure that the interior part of your mouth is hollow. You also need to position your lips in a round shape and allow the back of your throat to take a U shape.

Tapping of Hands

You can tap your hand on a solid surface like a table if you want to gain a steady beat. Begin with a slow primary pitch on your first tap. You can slightly go a half a step down on your second pitch.

You should now continue transitioning from your original note on the succeeding tapping. Gradually start to tap a little faster as you try to alternate your pitch and fasten the beat to increase it. You should be very keen with the feeling from this transition.

The best vibrato will either make your larynx move slightly or not move at all. You don’t have to experience any movement within the throat. You have to put this into consideration as you make switches between the tones. You can learn more about achieving a vibrato from this video

Completely Relax Your Muscles

You can never achieve a vibrato performance unless you completely relax the muscles. Vibrato naturally occurs once you relax and you should not strain your voice in to realize it. You need to push the diaphragm and relax your throat. Vibrato only happens when you relax the external larynx muscles in their position while producing sound.

Sing Through the Diaphragm

Singing through the diaphragm implies that you need to breathe through your diaphragm as you sing the vibrato. Do not move the shoulders as you breathe. You can request an independent individual to watch your breathing and determine whether you are doing the correct thing. You can hold and push your diaphragm gently as you sing to get the note support you require.

Constant Practice

You cannot gain a vibrato instantly especially on your first attempt. Highly gifted people can sing a vibrato naturally. Not succeeding on the first attempt does not mean that you don’t have a vibrato. It will come at the right time as long as you keep on practicing. All you need to do is to practice with a lot of patience as you know practice makes perfect.


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