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How to Enhance Your Rock star Voice

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Learning music can be quite challenging if you don’t know how to practice and perform. I have come across individuals who struggle because of lack of knowledge.

There is no need to enroll for music lessons for you to learn some of these critical aspects.

While improving your voice, you may also find high quality audio tips by simply visiting some professional online sites. Here are some seven simple ways that can assist you to enhance your rock star voice.

Know your Vocal range

Most vocalists struggle singing tones because they are singing out of their vocal range. Just remember the last time you cracked your voice and you will discover that you were singing outside your vocal range.

Everyone has a rock star voice that has a different vocal range. It’s advisable to understand the notes you can hit best before attempting to sing them out. This is the only way you can avoid cracking your voice in future.

Layoff your Vibrato

I have come across several professional singers who have a non-ending debate when it comes to this. Vibrato is a tasteful addition to the vocal arsenal of the classical trained vocalists like Opera.

However, vibrato is an enemy for those artists that long to sing rock, country, metal, and pop, among other radio type genres. The truth of the matter is that most unprofessional singers cannot control vibrato.

You need to use vibrato sparingly because it is not a necessity for contemporary music.

Energize yourself before a performance

It’s common to get nervous when you are about to step on stage. In case you have a jumpy feeling that is accompanied with some level of nervousness, you can use it to your advantage.

You can do some quick squats or jumping jacks or push-ups backstage. This allows more air to get into your body system as you work on your stage freight and prepare for a fantastic performance with your rock star voice.

Drink a lot of water

As a rock star singer, your voice needs a lot of water than anything else. I highly discourage carbonated beverages because they affect the quality of your voice in the long run.

You should develop a close friendship with water if you want to enhance your singing voice. One of the videos that give us several tips on how to sing like a rock star is:

Cut back or Stop Smoking

Smoking has negative effects on your rock star voice. I have a friend who complains that he screams with a lot of rasp ever since he started smoking. This simply implies that he may be talking with a lot of rasp for the rest of his life.

Smoking damages your lungs, ruin your vocal chords, and constrict the floor of air from your body system. It is critical to try and quite smoking if you wish to enhance your rock star voice.

Take note of how you speak before any performance

Most artists mingle around with funs shortly before a performance. You could ruin your voice for the performance if you speak so much or with a loud voice. It’s advisable to speak less and moderately before any performance.

Have enough sleep

It’s advisable to have enough rest a night before you perform. This is the only way to prepare you rock star voice for a great performance.


These tips of enhancing your rock star voice may appear to be simple but most people fail to implement them. It takes a lot of discipline and responsibility on the side of the artist before he can make them a daily routine.