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How to Choose the Best Acoustic Guitar for Your Child?

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There are several kids who want to play some form of musical instrument. You can find a lot of information on kids and music by visiting this site.

In the meantime, you could be contemplating getting an acoustic guitar for your child. This guitar in an excellent option if you want to develop the musical capabilities of your child.

The acoustic guitar is a versatile musical instrument and there are several types that you can choose from. In this article, I will address the various factors you need to consider while choosing an acoustic guitar for your child.


The first thing you could be asking yourself is the best acoustic guitar for beginners. Acoustic guitars typically fall into two categories.

The first one is the classic guitar that has nylon strings. The second one is the steel-string guitar which comes with steel strings. Each of these categories has its own unique charm.

The classic guitar produces a much warmer and softer sound. Most parents prefer to start their kids with this type of acoustic guitar. The main reason is that acoustic guitars are comfortable on the tender fingers of your kid.

On the contrary, the steel-string guitar produces a brighter and louder sound. Children find it much harder to play the steel-string guitar because it requires a lot of strength from fingers.

This type of acoustic guitar is also more abrasive to the tips of the finger. It is normal to develop calluses as you play the acoustic guitar.


It is extremely crucial to consider the size of the acoustic guitar you buy for your child. You should not buy a guitar that is neither too large nor too little for your kid.

However, you should not forget that your child will be growing in the next few months or years. Make sure you consider all these facts as you choose the best acoustic guitar for your child.

As a rough estimate, ¾ sized acoustic guitars are typically good for kids who fall in the age brackets of 6-10 years. You should also notice the difference between 36’’ and 34” sized acoustic guitars.

The latter is good for 5-8-year-old kids while the former is a perfect fit for 6-10-year-old children. However, these are just rough estimates since kids vary in body size and intellectual capacity.

The most critical element that should guide your decision is the height and not age of your child. You can still get more information on the right size of guitar for your child from this YouTube video:


You should associate the brand that you choose with the goal for buying that particular guitar. Do you want your child to learn the instrument as he gets some fun?

I personally prefer sticking to the less expensive brands since the difference may not be very much.

However, you need to get an acoustic guitar that is more durable. There is no need to spend a lot of cash on something that your kids will outgrow after a few months.

Some inexpensive guitars may also have adverse effects on the learning process. Therefore, you need to understand the objective of the investment before making a purchase decision.