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5 Drumming Techniques for Achieving a Great Groove and Feel

drumming-techniquesAs a drummer, I like listening to other drummers so as to understand what motivates their choices. I enjoy sharing my observation with acquaintances during our chats.

The question that has been going through my mind is what makes a drummer great. In my search for answers, I came through this site that was very resourceful in answering several questions in the singing niche

However, in this article, we will focus on what can give you an outstanding drumming experience. It’s critical to understand what drives the musical choices and instincts of drummers.

I recently received a compliment … Read the rest

A Review of the Best Surround Sound Gaming Headphones

headphoneYou could be among those people who love action movies and gaming. You cannot enjoy this adventure unless you keep your family members awake into the middle of the night.

The best solution is to pick a pair of headphones that has surround sound if you want to immerse yourself fully into the experience you crave. You can click this link to learn about headphones and other sound qualities.

Several companies manufacture high-class wireless surround headphones for listeners who value audiophile. In this article, we present a list of some of these devices that will assure you a superb listening … Read the rest