Five Topics to Look for Before Enrolling For Online Singing Lessons

Online singing lessons are of great importance to both aspiring and practicing musicians. There are so many teachers both online and offline who offer music training. You cannot enroll for music classes unless you understand the syllabus coverage.

I advise aspiring musicians to shop around for a place that has a broad content coverage before registering for online music lessons. Such institutions may be relatively expensive, but you get the value for your money.

Some of the topics you need to learn include diction, voice, breathing, rhythm, and pitch. Here is a brief explanation of what you need to look … Read the rest

Singing Equipment: How to Choose the Best Public Address System for Singers

The main function of a public address system is to project a singer’s sound to the target audience of varying distribution and size. This singing equipment has various components that ensure that your audience receives the best voice.

The main difference between large and small PA system is that large ones have a different layout and additional components.

The main components of a public address system include the speakers, amplifier, and microphone. The number of each component depends on the number of singers and size of the audience.

You may also include other singing equipment such as effects processing units, … Read the rest


Why You Should Take Singing Lessons Online

For anyone who has an interest in singing, the thought of being able to take singing lessons is a dream come true. Becoming a good singer means practicing techniques and songs over and over until you master whatever it is that is holding you back from being the best singer you can be. Contrary to popular belief, even the most naturally talented singers who have been blessed with beautiful voices still need some guidance to maintain and improve their singing ability. There are many reasons why people don´t take singing lessons- either they can´t afford to pay for … Read the rest


The Best Bedtime Music For Children

Almost every parent will be familiar with the performances that often take place around bedtime. The kids have brushed their teeth; you have read their favorite bedtime story to them and then read it again. You finally think you are free to return to your household chored, so you kiss them goodnight and then comes the epic stall.

“I’m hungry”; “I’m thirsty”; “I need to go to the bathroom” and so on. This is the point where many parents feel the tears of frustration welling up, but fortunately, there is an effective alternative solution!

Even if you have never been … Read the rest